microbial bodies

Could we expand our sensual, haptic, physical, visual and imaginary language to explore our relation to these living organisms and therefor deepen and broaden our understanding of being in the world? How can an imaginary world facilitate a radically new view on biological rules, hierarchies, interactions, dimensions and scales?  

Behavioral Matter Symposium

Talking about What would a microbe say? at the “Behavioral Matter – Composer avec le vivant”  Symposium at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Behavioral Matter – Composer avec le vivant March 29, 1:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Centre PompidouPetite salle Be it in the arts, design, or sciences, how is it possible to create, to compose … Continue reading “Behavioral Matter Symposium”

experiments shape

We experiment with different organic forms, sizes, textures and surfaces, and try to find materials that are fragile, liquid and ephemeral to create a sense-driven and experiential space that invites one to explore and at the same time recomposes perceptions of scale, space, and environment. A bubble-space where one can get in touch with invisible microbial … Continue reading “experiments shape”

material experiments

We are searching for materials that address uncertainties, ambiguities, and imagination linked to non-linguistic microbial communication. Through an experiment-driven work process we intend to create a visual language that challenges the dominance of techno-scientific and science fiction imagery and that carefully balances imagination and the extraordinary with factual technical knowledge.  If we later place these … Continue reading “material experiments”


During my one-week stay in Madison I met and talked to very intriguing and diverse scientists such as Frederico Rey (Department of Bacteriology), Ophelia Venturelli (Departments of Biochemistry, Bacteriology and Chemical and Biological Engineering), Jo Handelsman (Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at UW-Madison), David Lynn (Dept. of Chemical & Biological Engineering) and Cameron R. Currie. Cameron … Continue reading “MEETING ANTS”