Sonja Bäumel (project initiator) works across various disciplines including art, design, fashion and biological practice. Sonja studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Vienna, and holds a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Arts of Linz, as well as a Master from the Design Academy Eindhoven. She is lecturing and giving workshops in various international Institutions and Universities. Her work has been exhibited internationally in e.g. Ars Electronica Center (AT), Anthology Film Archives New York (USA), MAK Museum of Applied Arts (AT), Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (TW), Gewerbemuseum (CHE), Waag Society (NL). She is co-founder of the Dunbar's Number collective (2011), member of Pavillion35 (2012) collective based in Vienna, and of the WNDRLUST (2013) collective based in Amsterdam. Sonja currently teaches at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. read more >>

Birgit Nemec is a cultural historian specialised in the history of medicine in the 20th century. She was research fellow and teaching associate at the Department for History of Medicine at the Medical University, Vienna, fellow in the program “The sciences in historical, philosophical and cultural contexts” (University of Vienna), well connected to international research in the history and philosophy of science (visiting fellowships: Cambridge University, UK; MPIWG, Berlin) and currently researcher at the Department for History and Ethics of Medicine at the University of Heidelberg. In her publications and talks she focused on questions of visual and material cultures of anatomy and concepts of risk and prevention in modern medicine. read more >>

Cocky Eek studied Fashion Design in the Netherlands, France and Italy and set off to realise a number of experimental 'wearable' collections. As an active member of FoAM [Brussels] she developed spatial designs for responsive environments. Through the years her favourite materials became wind and air and she began designing lightweight spatial compositions, floating or flying experiments and large, voluminous forms. She co-founded FoAM [Amsterdam] and their urban foraging project Boskoi received a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention in 2011. In 2012 she created Sphaerae, an inflatable multi-dome pavilion for immersive and synaesthetic experiences. Since then, Sphaerae is being shown on a growing number of international renowned festivals. Recently, Cocky Eek realised the theatre piece Blaas and Curve with Schweigman&. She has been teaching and giving workshops in countries as the Netherlands, Sweden and Australia. Besides her artistic practice she is heading The Elements Lab at the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatoire and Arts Academy in The Hague. read more >>

Hauke Smidt  has a background in Biotechnology and Molecular Ecology. His research group at Wageningen University focuses on i) Microbiota associated with body surfaces (gut, skin, mouth) in humans, production animals, as well as animal models, and ii) Environmental Biotechnology, focusing on microbial activity in polluted soils, sediments and aquifers, and waste- and drinking water treatment. He is Academic Editor and member of the Editorial Board of a number of leading journals in the field of microbial ecology and Personal Chair in “Complex Microbial Ecosystems” at Wageningen University. read more >>


Growing list of collaborators, supporters and guests (in alphabetical order): 

Helen E. Blackwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison_U.S.)
Sanne Bloemink
LooWee Chia (Wageningen University_NL)
Hsiang Ching Chuang
(Independent Designer / Artist_TWN)
Francois-Joseph Lapointe (Université de Montréal / Biologist/ Bioartist_CA)
Reinhold Fragner (Film maker/Art director/Physicist_AT)
Maurizio Montalti (Independent Designer/Artist_IT)
Manuel Schmaranzer (Anthropologist/Artist_AT)
Ruth Schmidt (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NIOO-KNAW_NL)
Manuel Selg
(FH Oberösterreich, Wels_AT)

Hanne Tytgat (Wageningen University_NL / ETH Zürich_CHE)